Boutique HotelsIt’s little secret that New York’s outer boroughs have been undergoing a renaissance over the past couple of decades, with rollicking siblings Brooklyn and Queens jostling for consideration in NYC’s crowded resort scene Now not just a hipster mecca, Brooklyn’s grown up in a giant approach. Conley: Well, I believe that one of many things that was very obvious was that when creative sorts were coming to San Francisco, they actually had two choices of forms of hotels they could go and stay at. They could both keep at a really generic — this is once more 1986 to 1987 — they might stay at a generic Holiday Inn or Sheraton, or Marriott.

Niki Leondakis, former president and COO of Kimpton Inns & Restaurants and former CEO, lodges and resorts, of Two Roads Hospitality, now CEO of Equinox Fitness Clubs: There’s no precise definition for a boutique lodge, it is really interesting.

They had been focused as a type of an excellent edgy, cool approach to boutique and lifestyle, with the type of clubby bar part of it being played up. Again, we were actually targeted on.. We were a little bit different than that, we differentiated in that we had been foodies, and we focused on nice restaurants, great environments, but more food-centric.

Quite a lot of instances your typical bigger inns are, even back then, I feel things are changing or evolving however you’ll basically come right down to the lobby and within the foyer you’ll look and there was your restaurant nearly related to it. Bill didn’t need that.

So I think when I first received started, I would call all my accommodations particular person names. Ian Schrager, as I said, we at Kimpton were clearly differentiated from his motels. What started with only a handful of hotels on the 2 coasts of the United States (and undeniably impressed by charming lodges in Europe) is now a serious and nonetheless rising sector of the hospitality business.

9 Traits Of Boutique Resorts
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